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Introducing Landscaping

At Smart Fencing Landscaping Services, we want our clients to know what we do and how we do it. So, here's a simple intro to landscaping. It's a job that's about working with the environment to create a certain look. It's mostly about gardening, but it can also include features like walls and other things that change how a place looks.

People landscape for different reasons. Most of the time, it's done to make things look nice and to change outdoor spaces into fun areas.

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Landscaping Has a Long History

There are very fancy landscaping designs of old gardens that we can still see today. Many ancient cultures changed their surroundings to make them nicer to look at. Areas around temples, palaces, public squares, and even private homes were all landscaped. In Rome, for example, most families would landscape an area close to the house for the family members. Mayan walkways had beautiful paintings and plants on the way to their temples. In some cultures, landscaping was useful. Native Indian tribes, for example, used landscaping plans for growing food.

Landscaping Today

Nowadays, landscaping is mostly done around properties. You'll find a lot of it around homes, office buildings, parks, museums, and other public places like that.

In a normal outdoor landscaping job, a landscaper starts by drawing the area that needs to be landscaped. They look at the surroundings, like other buildings, trees, roads, and pathways. They also check the soil quality, the plants and flowers that are already there, and any other things that may be in the area. Using this drawing, the landscaper can then create a good design. A small project, like patio landscaping, will need less design time than if they were landscaping around an office property, for example.

After that, they'll make pathways and use plants to show where the paths are. Then they can work on the rest of the area, making the look they want around pools, trees, gazebos, walls, and any other features that are there. They'll add and remove features as needed.

Picking a Pro Landscape Contractor

When you choose any service provider to work on your home or business property, you need to trust them and believe in their reputation. Here at Smart Fencing, you can check our reputation easily by visiting our landscaping profile on, where we have over 240 customer reviews.

For more info about our landscaping services or to set up a free survey and quote, just email or call us at 01273 446544, and we'll be happy to help.

Landscaping by Smart Fencing

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