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Introducing Landscaping At Smart Fencing Landscaping Services, we want our clients to know what we do and how we do it. So, here’s a simple intro to landscaping. It’s a job that’s about working with the environment to create a certain look. It’s mostly about gardening, but it can also include features like walls and […]
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Garden Fences

The purpose of garden fences The purpose of garden fences can vary widely from simply being a decorative feature marking out an internal area of your garden such as a picket fence to providing security and privacy from prying eyes, not forgetting keeping the kids and pets safe and sound. There are also specialists fencing […]
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Timber Decking Sussex

Timber Decking The exterior of your home, or indeed any other property that you own should look just as good as the interior. At Smart Fencing, Sussex, we have invested ourselves in making sure that we can transform outdoor spaces into more than just spaces; we aim to create experiences, and one of our services […]
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